14 Nov 2015

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Download Blackberry Leaked OS For All Blackberry Smartphones

Download Blackberry Leaked OS For All Blackberry Smartphones

If you use a blackberry 10 phone like the blackberry q5, q10, q20 (classic), z10, z3, passport, etc, it may interest you to know that there is a version 10.3 leaked currently out on the Internet.

It’s a leaked version and gives you the ability to experience blackberry 10.3 OS before it is officially released for the BB10 devices.

As expected, the OS comes with some adjustments, bug fixes and enhancement (usual suspect). The BB OS 10.3 is said to also improve battery life span and some android features are been introduced to the OS.

If you are currently using a blackberry 10 phone, you should notice that the menu icons are placed 4 by 4. But with the new update, it’s placed 5 by 5 with a more sleek design. Some well known android gestures was also introduced like the lift to wake, flip to mute, flip to save power amongst others.

Without much talk, you can take a ride of the OS on your BB10 smartphone pending when the official OS is released.

Download Blackberry OS

You can download from the links here. Please be aware that blackberry q5 and blackberry 10 use same file, while blackberry 10 and blackberry classic use the installation file. The size of the leaked OS is over 1GB and lesser than 2GB. Just be sure your current data balance can take that before commencing download of the BB10 10.3 OS.
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